Cheers to 75 Years!

June 01, 2022
Cheers to 75 Years!

Watch How We’ve Been Delivering Coolness to the World Since 1947

2022 marks our 75th anniversary! What started out as a metalworking shop bringing fresh cold water to Texas workers in the field in 1947 to inventing the Playmate to becoming America’s most recognizable brand of ice chests, the Igloo story spans 75 years of delivering coolness to the world…but we managed to capture a snapshot of all the fun in just under three minutes.

Check it out:

Before you watched that video, did you know we were the brand to invent all those coolers? We have to say, though, that you might not have been surprised to learn that one out of every three households in the USA has an Igloo in their garage — in fact, you might be that household! And if you went over to your neighbors, it’s a safe bet you’ll see an Igloo in there too (unless they’ve taken it with them on their latest adventure).

Of course, we wouldn’t have made it these 75 years or be nearly as cool without our new and longstanding fans, like you, who work hard and play harder. We are endlessly grateful for you! You’ve shaped us into the brand we hope you’re proud to use and often reminisce about. All the “I’ve had my Igloo since forever” stories we see out there are our favorites.

We hope you’ll keep them comin’. And now, cheers to the next 75!

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