Safety Alerts

We stand behind the quality of our products, and because your safety and satisfaction are our top priority. Please review our safety alerts below:

CAUTION: Be aware of pinch points which may occur on or around handles, latches, hinges, lids, and other moving components of the cooler. Avoid placing hands and fingers where injury or damage can occur. Injuries could occur if the handles, latches, hinges, lid, and other moving components on coolers are not used properly. Use safe practices on latches, handles, hinges when using them. Be aware that loose clothing and jewelry may also be caught in pivot areas of your cooler. Children should be supervised if present when using a cooler. Operate and maintain your cooler so it can be enjoyed for years to come! Thank you for purchasing an IGLOO cooler! Stay safe!


March 8, 2019: We are voluntarily recalling the Igloo® Marine Elite coolers. This recall concerns only those Igloo® Marine Elite coolers with stainless-steel ability to lock latches sold under the item numbers listed below:

Igloo® Marine Elite 54 quart; Item #00049374

Igloo® Marine Elite 72 quart; Item #00049375

Igloo® Marine Elite 94 quart; Item #00049574

Igloo® Marine Elite 110 quart; Item #00034108

Igloo® Marine Elite 150 quart; Item #00049573

Igloo® Lockable Latch; Item #00020087

It is possible that the stainless-steel latch could inadvertently close where the cooler cannot be forced opened from the inside. We are working closely with our distributors to send customers a free latch-replacement kit that you can use to easily and safely switch out the current latch. If you haven’t received a kit, you can contact us toll free at 1(800)-273-7024 to see if the free latch-replacement kit has already been mailed to you. Once removed, please discard the old stainless-steel latches.