What Sets Igloo Coolers Apart?

A lot goes into building a cooler, and we’re committed every step of the way. From designing in-house at our Katy, Texas HQ to testing ice retention in our lab (also at our HQ) and out-in-the-real-world experiments for things like testing a cooler’s ruggedness under the hot sun on a boat or its ability to be pulled easily to the beach (shoutout to our roller coolers!).

We include handy features where it makes sense — like built-in bottle openers and cup holders or comfort grip handles and tie-down points — and leave out the bells and whistles on our more minimalistic coolers, but we never, ever throw in something you won’t actually use. And we always focus on providing you with long-lasting cold retention, the whole point of a cooler! Our affordable ice chest designs are thoughtful, intuitive and reliable because we think of YOU and the adventures you’re planning to take our coolers on. Nothing will ever change that.

Whatever the Occasion, We Got a Cooler for It

Beach Days (& Nights)

The beach and coolers pretty much always go hand in hand. And we have a huge selection of hard coolers for the beach, perfect for keeping you and your crew refreshed for as long as you need.

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Heading to the Great Outdoors

We have hardside coolers with a rugged build, handy features, easy carrying capabilities and, most importantly, up to seven days of ice retention — because you can’t properly go camping without a fully packed cooler.

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Hosting Parties

When you organize the best events, like backyard BBQs, game-filled beach days and tailgating with friends, you (as the perfect host) need a perfect-for-parties cooler that you’ll not only love to show off but will also keep refreshments ice-cold all event long.

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