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Front View | ICF 40::::One-touch-lift latch
Angle View | ICF 40::::Swing-up side handles
Interior View | ICF 40::::Interior LED light & removable divider
Control Panel View | ICF 40::::Dimmable digital display
Profile View | ICF 40::::AC / DC power cables included
Open View | ICF 40::::Fits up to 61 cans

ICF 40

Say goodbye to ice…the future of cooling is here! Functioning as a portable refrigerator or freezer, the large 41-quart ICF iceless electric compressor cooler uses electricity instead of ice to cool and gives you full control of the temperature inside the spacious compartment. Set the temperature from -18° to 20° Celsius (0° to 68° Fahrenheit) to keep your drinks and snacks chilled or your treats frozen anywhere you go — this electric cooler plugs into a standard wall power outlet or your vehicle’s auxiliary outlet — without needing to run out to grab ice ever again.

61 12-oz cans (58 375 mL cans)
41 quarts (38 liters)

28.38 lbs
12.87 kgs

Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ):
24.25" x 14.72" x 18.15"
61.59 cm x 37.38 cm x 46.10 cm